March 9, 2014
7 months and 23 days since
the event.
Please join us for a "fun" raiser in honor of Rawley Sisson, a local Rock Island boy.  In 2008, after only 6 months of pregnancy, Rawley’s mom, Jana Rose Summers, gave birth to her precious son; he was only 2 pounds.  Rawley spent his first 100 days in the NICU in Iowa City fighting for his life.  Rawley continues to fight even after being diagnosed with heart disease, kidney disease, and a host of lung diseases, including emphysema, which often lands him in the hospital with respiratory distress.  He has spent an additional 397 days in the hospital, either in-patient (Rawley refers to in-patient as “shots and cords”) for numerous consecutive days or outpatient for multitudes of tests.  Rawley’s mom, Jana Rose, has tirelessly and single-handedly supported his physical, emotional, and financial needs and is in desperate need of financial assistance for Rawley’s past, present, and future medical expenses.